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You are currently enrolled as a 'Coach' member of the Australian College of Practice Coaches. Congratulations!

You are currently registered as a 'Practice Improver' member of the Australian College of Practice Coaches.  On this page you can read more about becoming a 'Coach'

Do you want to have more impact on your general practices?

Coach Membership of the Australian College of Practice Coaches is for Practice Facilitators who support a number of general practices in quality improvement, and who aspire to improve the clinical outcomes and business systems of the practices they work with.  This includes practice facilitators and other members of practice support teams - including people who work for  PHNs, RACGP, ACRRM, AAPN and other organisations.

(We have two membership levels - Coach and Practice Improver. Practice Improver membership is for GPs, nurses, manages and others who work in one general practice. You can read more about Practice Improver level here)

As a Coach Member you will be able to participate in

  • peer-sharing with a network of other practice facilitators, with plenty of opportunity for sharing knowledge and learning from your peers, including an online forum
  • a library of courses to improve your skill and resources to share with your practices
  • a unique professional development program that tracks your attainments and certifies your membership of the college.
  • advice from four of Australia’s most experienced practice coaches, with expertise in quality improvement, coaching, data and technology, business systems, and all attributes of the medical home


Inaugural Membership Offer

This is a unique opportunity – become an inaugural member of the Australian College of Practice Coaches.

For 2021, membership is available free of charge. 

Congratulations. You are already a member of this college.

The Australian College of Practice Coaches

What are we trying to achieve? 


High Impact Care

Richer, more meaningful lives for patients

Highly Rewarding Practice

More meaningful and richer working lives for general practice teams

We aim to support practice coaches to have high impact on their practices.

They require both domain specific general practice skills and expertise in quality improvement and coaching.

Some of the skills required by practice coaches include :


  • Engagement and relationship building
  • Cultivating change management
  • Intrinsic Motivation for sustained changed
  • Progressive planning with 1% SMART goals
  • Reviewing curious experiments
  • Fostering cohesive teams
  • Communicating with clarity

Science of Quality Improvement

  • Understanding General Practice Systems
  • Understanding models of QI
  • Supporting improvement
  • Using data and measurement
  • Leading Breakthrough Collaboratives

Systems for Care Delivery

  • Nurse led clinics
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Engaging Vulnerable populations

Data and IT

  • Using clinical systems
  • Data extraction
  • eHealth and interconnectedness

Business and structures of General Practice

  • MBS
  • Governance in General Practice


  • Between coached practices
  • Developing local Kaizen / improvement communities
  • Working with other practice coaches

College Faculty

Riwka Hagen

Riwka Hagen

Principal Consultant, Medical Business Services

Riwka's experience in general practice and primary care business management spans over 25 years.

With direct management experience in small, medium, large and rural medical practices as well as many years as an accreditation surveyor, she brings a wealth of operational knowledge in the health sector.

She is the founder and administrator of the Facebook 'Practice Managers Network' - a global network of 6000 members.

Riwka has held rural health board director and chairing roles. Riwka is the director of Medical Business Services, providing consulting, advisory, coaching, training and mentoring services.

Simon Matthews

Simon Matthews

CEO, Wellcoaches Australia

Simon Matthews FASLM, MHlthSci, DipIBLM, CPHWC, MAPS

Simon is a Psychologist, Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional and Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. He's the CEO of Wellcoaches® Australia School of Health Coaching and a Certified Professional Health and Wellness Coach. Wellcoaches® trains health professionals to support their clients to achieve long lasting health behaviour change.

He is an Adjunct Lecturer at Avondale College University Lifestyle Medicine & Health Research Centre and is on faculty with Wellcoaches USA .

Simon consults nationally and internationally in the areas of health coaching, behaviour change, positive psychology and lifestyle medicine. He presents at national and international conferences on health coaching and the psychology of behavioural change. He has published and writes regularly about these topics also and is a popular podcast guest.

Simon is also the Director of Coaching with First in Wellness, a California LLC supporting healthy lifestyle and resilience in first responders. He is a Director of the not-for-profit Global Positive Health Institute , based in California.

When not working , Simon also loves talking about his other passions as a pilot, barista, gardener and self- taught cook

Kim Poyner

Kim Poyner

Director, Medicoach

Endorsed International Consortium Health Wellness Coaching - National Medical Exams; International Coaching Federation - Professional Coaching Certification (endorsement in progress); Practice Nurse 20 years Registered Nurse - ICU trained

Kim Poyner has an extensive history working with medical centres and Primary Health Networks to train medical professionals in Behaviour change theory and Chronic disease management. Kim was awarded the 2015 Australian Best Practice Nurse award in Chronic Disease Management and has successfully completed her NME exams for international endorsement of her coaching qualifications. In addition, she is training Health Professionals across Australia in the Health Care home trial, Readiness projects, and Quality Improvement strategies. She regularly presents at National conferences as a key note speaker on Change Management, Teaming, Coaching, Chronic Disease management, Creating Efficiency in General Practice and Care Co-ordination. Through her business MediCoach Kim mentor’s nurses and organisations to achieve their best, ensuring they are resilient in the changing health landscape.

Tony Lembke

Tony Lembke

GP, Alstonville Clinic

Tony Lembke is a GP in Alstonville, NSW, Australia. He has had a number of national health leadership roles. As Clinical Director of the Australian Primary Care Collaborative Program, Chair of Faculty of the Improvement Foundation, and Executive director of the Australian Centre for the Medical Home he has worked with more than 1000 general practices on quality improvement. He was inaugural chair of the North Coast Primary Health Network.

Tony has a strong interest in Health IMIT, having been Sydney University Medical School Donkey Kong Champion in 1983. He was the 2012 RACGP ‘General Practitioner of the Year’. He is also an ever optimistic Wallaby supporter and was coach of the Lismore U16 Rugby team.

Australian College of Practice Coaching

Due to the challenges of these times, membership of the Australian College of Practice Coaches as a 'Coach' is free of charge in 2021.