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Our mission is to provide accessible practice leadership education and better support the support teams. 

We are also focused on consumer education 

Never have people needed support more than they do now.

Here are some of the free education tools and services we’ve provided this week:

Live Webinar for Psychological support for admin staff

Simon Matthews, Psychologist and CEO of Wellcoaches led a webinar which provided real time psychological support, Q&A and tips for ‘Communication in Trauma II’  for Practice Managers and medical receptionists.

Over 75 admin staff enrolled for the live sessions.
2 of the questions Simon addressed live were:


  1. “How do you lead when patients and staff are all anxious or fearful or angry?”
  2. “How do you lead when your Principals don’t want to know?”



Quotes from Simon:
“We need to adjust our thinking. There are going to be backlogs of work. What can you put on your backlog” 


“The more chaotic things become, the more structured you need to be in your response”.

Simon pre-recorded the learning and it is on ready to watch. We definitely recommend getting your staff to take a little break and watch that. 

Free eLearning course

Communication in Trauma II available for you to watch at your convenience


Watch this space

 Due to public demand, Simon Matthews will be creating more webinars and having more Q+A sessions in the future. We will keep you posted through social media and look forward to seeing you there. Invaluable opportunity to debrief and have a safe space of support during this challenging time.

Consumer Education

7 Tips to Stay Safe
Dr Tony Lembke’s GP advice to keeping yourself safe and well


Download these to use in your practice social media, add to your website and patient education campaign.


Hosting Services – Turn your conference into an on line virtual summit


Hosting Service
We are an online service and as all face to face events and conferences have been cancelled for what looks like the entire year we have decided to offer our virtual platform to others. 


With many employees now working remotely we need to stay connected. 


We can host events (small or large) for Primary Health Networks, peak bodies or any organisations. We’ve got the technology, the skills and experience. In December 2019 we ran our inaugural virtual summit for over 300 delegates with 24 speakers across the country. 


And having a GP, Practice Nurse, Practice Manager and Technology Trainer on our team (as well as IT support galore) we think we have exactly what is needed to make events come to life. 


Please help us spread the word that we can offer our hosting service to others.

This might be a weekly update webinar for your team, your community, or even a larger scale event, talk to Kim, Katrina, Riwka and Tony via

Free Webinar to support your support staff

This week’s webinar showed us the enormity of the support needed for Australia’s pressured practice staff. 

Simon Matthew, Psychologist has kindly offered to run another live support Q&A event. 



What To Do Next?

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