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Upcoming Event

Psychological support in challenging times

Free lunchtime support webinar for your practice team

Friday 17 April 12.30pm

Times have been very tough for some. How are you managing?

How are you and your staff dealing with the challenges of general practice at the moment?

Take some time for you. Join us for a lunchtime support webinar with Simon Matthews, Psychologist, Health Coach & CEO of Wellcoaches Australia

Email us a current challenge you’d like to manage better and Simon will walk with you, providing helpful tips and strategies.

This is a unique opportunity for practice teams, and we are very grateful to SImon for making himsefl available to help our practices. This webinar is presented free of charge, and is part of series of courses in ‘Communicating after Trauma‘.


More Resources

More Resources

Our mission is to provide accessible practice leadership education and better support the support teams.  We are also focused on consumer education  Never have people needed support more than they do now. Here are some of the free education tools and services we’ve...

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Our aim is to support high-quality high-impact general practice.

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